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IHE-Europe's mission: IHE-Europe engages clinicians, health authorities, industry and users to improve healthcare interoperability by:

  • Helping national and European stakeholders and policy-makers in adopting, promoting and implementing IHE specifications.
  • Developing tools and services in support of interoperability testing.

Connectathon Venice 2017

Patients are the Winners

The seamless flow of health information between the different healthcare systems across Europe brings tremendous benefits to patients as well as the doctors and nurses providing vital care.

IHE-Europe is dedicated to interoperability in health information technology. It begins with an open process of developing integration profiles to assure IT systems can communicate with each other.

Then, it is required to test these systems to verify that complex computer coding delivers the data. Finally, IHE-Europe actively promotes wider awareness and use of these methods for assuring continued conformance and compatibility.

IHE Integration and Content Profiles have been adopted by national and regional projects in countries such as Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and several others. These specifications provide the guidance necessary to implement specific standards and profiles in commercial and self-developed systems that will help realise efforts towards large-scale interoperability of health information in Europe.

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