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Illumination Women's Ministry is the women's ministry of Revival Christian Church of Enfield with an assignment from heaven to show the true light of the Lord Jesus Christ that emanates from the inside of us and should reflect out of every woman. 

God gave us a mandate in 2009, based on Mt 5:14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. 

Our mission is to:

- bring women into the knowledge of who they are in Jesus Christ  and that they are born to be A Light to themselves, their families, friends, Community and to the World at large.

- encourage every woman to achieve their full potential in God thus remaining solidly in God and bearing a personal light that will influence family, friends, community and the world at large by continuous study and Application of The Word of God.

- Equip every woman to cultivate a personal relationship with God daily that results in Personal growth in God, creating a sense of wisdom on how to respond daily to people in everyday living 

- Encourage every woman to glorify God in their own personal individual gifts and talents and that they are unique in God and they do not have to be like anyone or everyone else. 

- Remind Women to enjoy their personal walk with Jesus and know Jesus for themselves by the Word and that this then makes them A City on Hill That Cannot be Hid.

- We are not ashamed of the gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ. 


Our motto: 'I Am The Light of this world, I lead a life of Integrity, A City That is set on a Hill Just Cannot be hid' 


Our Vision: Illumination - Spirit, Soul & Body

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