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About us

iM! is a specialist B2B Social Agency with a focus in five of key areas which are:

1) Linkedin Strategy, growth, development and implementation.

2) Content marketing.

3) Video production for Linkedin commercials.

4) Targeted Television production for commercials with SKY TV.

5) Targeted advertising on Linkedin

Why do we focus so much on Linkedin? Well, as a B2B agency there is no greater platform than Linkedin for businesses to build upon!

There are now over 500 million members on the network, that's 500 million people that can see your brand every single day! Growth on Linkedin comes through following a strategy of building personal and company branding through exceptionally well positioned content marketing.

Getting this right can generate significant returns on investment, getting the process wrong means that you place your brand on display to 500 million users worldwide and lose credibility.

Your brand is your everything, but for many 'C suite'​ executives finding the way forward with Linkedin can be tricky. Often the human resources team end up responsible for Linkedin as they believe it is the best way to recruit talent.

We couldn't disagree more and this is why... Some people place the office juniour on Linkedin to help build their brand presence, our answer to this is quite simple "Would you let your office juniour produce a TV commercial for your brand"​? The answer is of course not, so why would you allow a non-specialist the power and position of placing your brand on display to hundreds of millions of people? Linkedin has the potential to change your B2B business and help you command the market.

Whether you are a large multi-national or a business that is seeking further influence, brand awareness and ultimately sales, you need to set your focus into the right space. Where are you building your brand presence?

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