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"I'm not creative"

Have you heard that phrase before? Perhaps coming from your own mouth? 

This is an art show for those who don't consider themselves to be creative. The people who didn't study fine art at university, who have never stayed up 'til 3am perfecting the shading of a raunchy sketch, and who believe that there are certain things best left to the self proclaimed 'artsy' types in the room. 

When we were young, we were told we could do anything. We drew a picture of a square 2D house with three stick figures standing disproportionately outside of it, and we felt like an artist. 

Then we grew up and started building identities for ourselves, neglecting other talents, passions and possibilities in the process. 

'"I'm Not Creative": The creative art show for non-artists' will present the works of 'ordinary people'. It seeks to break down limiting beliefs of identity, unite people of all backgrounds and propagate the notion that 'I can, and I am'. 

Featuring a real mix of static and performance art, "I'm Not Creative" seeks to bring out the artist in all of us. 

£3 on the door (proceeds donated to LARC, the awesome venue.)

To present your own art at the show, or do a performance, please contact me (Steffica!).

Peace up, A-town down. 

Steffica x


Disclaimer: I am not saying in any way that to be an artist is 'easy' - I respect and love artists of all kinds, and appreciate the hard work, holistic thinking and acquired talent that artists have. But I believe we all have the ability to be creative, and when encouraged to explore our artistic selves, can surprise ourselves with the results.

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