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Infusion Emporium

Infusion Emporium is an annual Tribal Fusion bellydance festival that takes place in Wolverhampton, England. IE is produced by renowned tribal dancer Alexis Southall and the first edition took place in 2011. 

Infusion Emporium has hosted some of the top stars in the business, including Rachel Brice, Amy Sigil, Kami Liddle, Heather Stants, Anasma, Elizabeth Strong, Colleena Shakti, Samantha Emanuel, Ashley Lopez, Olivia Kissel, Kari Unmata, Piny Orchidaceae, Leo Orchidaceae, Illan Riviere, April Rose, Deb Rubin, Manca Pavli, Heather Labonte, Eliana Hofmann, Giuliana Angelini, Vesna Zorman, Alexis Southall, Yahna, Inga Petermann, Lamia Barbara, Mat Jacob, Kendra Katz, Hilde Cannoodt, and the live music act Chaos Carousel. 

Our aim is to promote home-grown and International talent via professional theatre shows; and to provide world-class training opportunities to the next generation of performers and teachers of this beautiful dance form. 

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