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Intelligent Eating

Intelligent Eating is made up of people who have implemented the information given, and have reaped the rewards. To say they are walking endorsements would be a very accurate description.

Adam Stevens, founder, is trained in nutritional science through Cornell University, NY and The McDougall Programme in California.  At present he is the only person in the UK to hold these qualifications, and he is himself a congenital heart patient with an interest in cardiology.

Words from the founder, Adam Stevens,

"Born in 1979 with the congenital heart condition, TGA (transposition of the great arteries) – I am one of the very few fortunate to have survived the Atrial switch surgery pioneered by Dr William Mustard in Toronto and was operated on in 1981 at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London by the famous interventional cardiac surgeon Mr Lincoln.

For me, the relationship between diet and disease has always been in my focus and I constantly keep myself up to date through reading, seminar attendance and seminar delivery.

As someone who had incredible, invasive surgery, I would not recommend it to anyone and am a firm believer that whilst drugs and surgery can be absolutely lifesaving, they are the very last resort.

Preventative nutrition is likely to be the only sensible way forward for our western populations both in terms of health, but also economically and morally. As such, I intend to work tirelessly with those who seek help but also to leave a legacy and pledge to do my best everyday to work towards this such needed species level change.

Everyone, including myself who has implemented this information is a walking testimonial in terms of internal appearance, external appearance, bloodwork and perhaps most importantly of all, mental health – an area which I am incredibly passionate about.

Feel free to have a look at my site, my Facebook page and get in touch when you’d like to explore your options for putting the locus of control of your health firmly in your hands.

I promise that by the end of every one of my seminars you will have a clear picture of how the foods you eat affect your long term health - I can categorically say this because I have no products to sell, nor am sponsored, endorsed or otherwise funded by any party with a bias. Refreshing isn't it?  I certainly think so in a marketplace full of products that really do very little except make their manufacturers, resellers and shareholders profit.

I look forward to meeting you :-)


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