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Ioana Mason

I have studied and participated in many international workshops.

My first training journey started with Marina Toledo at Hellinger Institute in Canada - Module 1: Including the Excluded, Module 2: Healing the Mother Wound with Family Constellations, Module 3: Healing the Father Wound with Family Constellations, Module 4: The Couple Relationship and Parenting.

Illi Adato Hypno-Constellations London, Learning Essentials Weekend Workshop: Loyalties, Belonging & Entanglements.

Gerhard Walper- Family & Organisational Workshop London

Ancestral Connections “Gateways” and "Future" with Tanja Meyburgh and Sian Palmer as well as Real Academy Resources for beginner and intermediate facilitators

Leslie Nipps - A Time to be Strengthened: Brief Support Group for Advanced Constellation Facilitators

Jutta ten Herkel Masterclass - Attachment Styles, at The Centre for Systemic Constellations London

Aleksandra Shymia - Shamanic Journeying

Robyn Fergus - Shamanic Munay Ki Journey

Sarah Peyton - Sex, Desire, Sensuality and Passion in Constellations at The Centre for Systemic Constellations, and Money Constellations

Ursula Bell - The art Of Helping, theory modules: Module 1 Family as a Systems, Module 2 The Orders of Love, Module 3 The Mother and the Father Module 4 The Orders of Helping Module 5 Online practice

FELD INSTITUT Cologne - Constellations in the Imagination, Life Integration Process I and II, Trauma Constellations, Constellations with The 12 Basic Forces of Life, Who am I and how many, How to constellate online

Hellinger Institute USA - Aligned with Acknowledging What Is

Barbara Ebetsberger, Online workshop: Keep distance to your thoughts - stay connected to your inner being

Pia Storm Kalhof workshops and training: Art Therapy and Family Constellations, Couple relationship, Symptoms and Illnesses, Moving Beyond Judgement towards Acceptance of What Is

Yael Eini - Karmic Constellation, Karma and the Akashic Records

IoPt Foundation Course - Healthy Autonomy London with Maria Green and Limor Regev-Peretz

Karen Carnabucci -The Tarot in Action: Archetypes, Synchronicity and Spontaneity, Creating the Bigger Picture: Addressing and Healing Ancestral Trauma

Franz Ruppert conference in London- Who am I in a traumatised society? London May 2018

IFS Model introduction series - Simon d'Orsogna

Exploring & Strengthening your Client Toolbox - Meghan Kelly

School of Intuition and Healing - Energy Management, Psychic Development

The Art and Practice of Constellation course

My other teachers are : Elena Barbu, Vivian Broughton, Sacha Alexander , Barry Krost, Marcela Urban, Emily Blefeld, Dan Cohen, Ivan Polic, Bill Mannle.

Currently, I am active in 2 peer-support groups, where we practice and give feedback to each other as we facilitate and explore different styles of constellations.

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