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Islamic Network

Our mission is simple: to change lives. The lives of a section of society that is lost. The people that da'wah forgot: Muslims! How many Muslims don't pray? How many don't even know the basic tenets of our great religion? We want to change that. We say LOST but NEVER FORGOTTEN. At Islamic network we passionately believe that, as a community, we are one big family. Our mission is to bring our brothers and sisters to the practice of their faith; bring them back home, no matter how far they may have strayed. When you take small steps to Allah, Allah runs to you. Our focus is to help you make that first step.

There are many great organisations helping religiously committed Muslims to increase in knowledge and religiosity. There are other amazing organisations focussing on explaining Islam to non-Muslims. Islamic Network, however, is focussed on those in between: the vast majority of Muslims who may not pray or fast, who may be caught up in their own daily struggles, but want to increase their iman.

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