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J-Amrita Feidt

Kundalini Yoga Teacher , facilitator of Awakened Bellydance® and of Inner Dance, that's me ... in some of my dimensions :) We are multidimensional beings, remember :) 

During my time as the Office Manager of an eco-friendly company in UK , I experienced some personal challenges which made me think about my life differently, wondering about my purpose and questioning my usual way of living. There was an urge to discover who I really was…My healing journey was starting … Kundalini Yoga came to me at the right time (Yes the Universe has our back) and although I was practicing other types of yoga, this one was the one that helped me most to deal with what was put in front of me . I also got the opportunity to train in parallel for Awakened Bellydance® . A new door was really opening as my life was taking a dramatic turn.  

I had a complete lifestyle change, followed my heart , left UK and went to live in a very special area of France - my country of origin - to be of service at a deeper level.
Unknowingly to me when I left, I found then that this area of France is very special thanks to its variety of healing energy sites due to its past and the history of the Cathars in the natural beauty of the gorgeous French Pyrenees .

I consider myself an altruist and caring person and deep at heart I have always been a teacher (my first training as a young University student was in teaching) . Teaching to me means sharing in a loving way . So in the various events I organise , I teach with joy, enthusiasm and honesty, ancestrals techniques through specific sacred sounds and movements and endeavour to give you tools that can lead any of us on a transformational journey for the expression of the best version of ourselves.

In Light and Love


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