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I've always been one of life's dreamers but a few years ago I took some steps that have enabled me to start realising those dreams of a lifetime.


Now, they are my dreams, of course.  Yours will be quite different, and that's one of the things I love about what I do - I get to help people make their dreams come true.


My journey of self-discovery, never ending self-improvement and the understanding that we must first look after ourselves, if we are ever to be able to give our all to others, began about eight years ago when a long term relationship started to crack, as I sought other ways to occupy my time, my mind, and a funnel to throw my love into.


The next stage of my voyage came a year after that long term relationship came to its end.  While still working together, as we had built up a successful business, I realised that if I was to hold my head up high, with self-respect, I needed to get myself into a position that I was absolutely self-reliant, from anyone and anything else.


I now know that this isn't entirely possible.  What we can do, is learn to take every day as a blessing, learn from, but not be consumed by our past.  Set goals for, but not be overwhelmed by, what our future holds.  Follow our hearts, listen to our souls, and understand that we are amazing, just as we are, right now in this moment.  We were all, everyone one of us created equally and perfectly.


My self-development has been and continues to be, the most amazing journey of a lifetime, mentally, physically and spiritually.  A journey that has seen me ensconced in the Peruvian Amazon for two weeks, taking a two month sabbatical in a beautiful Gite in Southwest France where I wrote and published my first book while drafting two more, encountering the surprising beauty and majestic splendour of parts of North America, as well as plans in place to walk part the Great Wall of China later this year.


Somewhere along the line I simply decided to decide.


What I was doing wasn't what my heart and soul desired.  Now I know I am on my path.

There are infinite amazing people, places and things to get to know, see and enjoy while I am here on this planet.  Along the way; I aim to ignite the flame inside others that cross my path, so that I might leave them just a little better off than when they met me.


To give people some motivation, inspiration, a kind word that changes their day or even just simply a smile.


My journey continues - I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story and getting to know you better, to assisting you on your journey, and to helping you turn your dreams and goals in to reality.

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