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James Fleming

Our Story:

To inspire, guide and develop sales & business professionals to achieve success and create an impact in everything they do. So that they can go through their business life with a sense of Meaning, Passion & Purpose of not just living life, but loving life again"

Having travelled and lived all over the globe, taken on roles and challenges, consistently being taken out of my comfort zone, having to sink or swim and becoming a success in all I do.

I have been mentored, coached, trained & developed by some of the most inspirational people in not only the Oil & Gas world but the world of Personal & leadership development.

 On my journey, I always had the ability to look at my team members, colleagues and peers and try to learn from them. I always assumed the role of a learner to ensure I stayed grounded focused and look for ways to improve not only myself but those around me and my direct reports.

It was not always an easy road to follow, I have had my fair share of failures, hurdles to climb, life-changing events, I just got up dusted myself down and realigned my vision to my goals, ensure I kept on the path to success,

 You should always try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes to ensure you have an objective view of every situation. I believe very strongly in asking advice from my seniors/mentors/peers on a personal & professional level to ensure I stay grounded.


I have a saying that I have always used for the last decade or so “If my team are successful then I will be successful” This mantra has enabled me to grow all my businesses, roles & responsibilities to industry leading teams.

 I look at the qualities, strengths and weaknesses of not only my team but also myself and use this to drive my team to success.



 After spending the last 17+ years building and developing successful businesses, my own career and the career of others within the Oil & Gas industry I decided to share my experiences, knowledge & ability to develop not only teams but individuals be successful.

 The Power Within Coaching was born:

I have always had an inherent belief that we all have the power within us all to BE, HAVE & DO whatever we set our mind to. It has enabled me to achieve great success within the corporate Oil & Gas organizations and is the reason I started my own company.


I am a certified NLP Master Practitioner, certified trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Coaching practitioner & trainer as well as a certified Business & Executive coach, coupled with my extensive coaching, mentoring & executive development training.


For the last 6 years, I have been developing a process that allows us all the freedom to BE, HAVE & DO our own successes in life whatever that may be.


“The Success Formula”

 “We are all born with Unlimited Potential, somewhere along the way we build layers of self-doubt, fear, worry and negative self-talk from our past, and started to limit our potential, limit our ability to be successful in all we do”

 It’s always those scary moments in life when you feel lost, afraid of change, self-doubt or unappreciated in your career, your role as a professional, husband or wife that you look for someone or something to pull you back to who you really are and revaluate why you chose this path in the first place.

Sometimes we all need some direction to get our focus back on track”

 Once we understand our belief system, or why, how and what is holding us back, only then can we make the changes necessary to truly be successful in many aspects of life.

 Vision, Goals, Plan & Actions = Success

 Our unique approach

We are fully committed to helping people & businesses be the best version of themselves. We strive to & understand the individuality of each and every person we meet and develop our process unique to them and their needs


Our approach has remained at the core of our company ethos in terms of a commitment to always delivering quality, and to working in the ‘here and now’ with the inner landscape of people’s experience – hopes, fears, anxieties and values, the whole person. We wholeheartedly commit to our values, and a belief in the potential for change, regardless of the individual starting point. Treating everyone and every experience as a unique process


Although our work is primarily on professional & leadership development, sales teams and organizations we also provide pro bono coaching & development as part of our commitment to social responsibility. We do this for people who might otherwise have little if any, access to this kind of support or be in a position to pay for this type of unique coaching strategy & process.

James Fleming

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