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Jan Zuchowski

 I started my early performing career on keyboards and performed widely across continental Europe. However, my passion for rock music led me to coaching bands and then music management. For a number of years I was part of Elton John’s management team and also worked with various artists on production. I know just how tough the music business can be, what works, what doesn’t… Being one myself, I also know what makes musicians tick.


Jan Zuchowski - Epic Noise


I have watched power in the music business shift from the big labels to the musicians. But I have also seen how much of a struggle it can be to build a loyal following and bigger audiences.


My vision has been to create a learning experience in a very practical, step-by-step system. My purpose is not just to share information and knowledge. Rather, it’s to have you actually ‘do’ the individual steps hands-on.


My mission is to help you take effective action, which means that you can achieve the results you are looking for more quickly and easily. It means, too, that you can discuss issues that arise for your particular act. It also means that you can be confident in knowing that you will avoid many of the mistakes that often hold musicians back. 


It’s about making the journey easier, making results happen faster – and having a lot more fun in the process, too.


When I work with you on your project, we focus on all three critical aspects of the performance journey – cultivating and amplifying your star qualities as a performer, taking your music to market, and building loyal fan engagement. By working on all three simultaneously, we design outcomes that are both audacious and commercially rewarding.


It also means you will know exactly the steps to take in order to propel your performing career to where it needs to be, and have mapped out a clear action plan to maker it happen.


Join us at Epic Noise for a day of intensive work on YOUR act and take your performing career to where it needs to be!



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