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Jarvia Foxter


"The seeds that are watered frequently are the seeds that will grow strong"                                Thich Nhat Hanh     




Jarvia began her career in 1993 in Liverpool as a Diagnostic Radiographer. She has extensive experience in Accident & Emergency, Surgery,  Pain and Forensic Medicine, in both adult and paediatric medicine. 

Jarvia began her career as an Osteopath in 2004 and graduated with Distinction from the British School of Osteopathy. Her two year Osteopathy research thesis looked at peri-natal (pregnancy related) pelvic girdle pain, current NHS Treatment & management and current Osteopathic Treatment & management. 


Jarvia has trained with charities MIND and Rethink Mental Illness. She has trained in Mental Health First Aid (children and adults) and Mental Health in the Workplace. Her personal commitment to Mental Health began when she became a student of Zen Buddhist Master -Thích Nhất Hạnh- (the monk responsible for the popularisation of Mindfulness as a practice) in 2000. She practices Vipassana meditation.


In 2013 she completed Sound & Gong Master training with Don Conreaux, in the lineage of Yogi Bhajan. After living and learning with the Shipibo medicine tribe in the Peruvian Amazon in 2012, she returned to the UK to begin incorporating sound into her therapeutic practice.





At Integrative Wellness, our mission is to relieve your pain or symptoms & help you recover better from your condition. We do this by providing you with personalised treatment & care, at the highest professional standards, to help you recover sooner and better from your pain / injury / condition. We treat many conditions, new injuries and pain, old and unresolving issues, as well as a selection of Wellness Programmes, all tailored to you, to help you stay healthier, for longer. 

Our goal is to get you feeling better sooner, and to reduce any longterm pain, disability and suffering with our uniquely tailored treatments, programmes and services, which are grounded in evidence based research, strategies and best practice. You will learn new ways to continue in the direction of optimal longterm wellness.



We support your recovery and longterm wellness by combining different systems of medicine, as well as providing you with a range of therapies and services:

treatments / education / rehabilitation / postural correction / postural design / talks / events / skype consultations / health screening


You will benefit from an effective variety of treatments, which work to relieve the negative health consequences your:  pain / injury /posture / sleep deficiency / stress / other conditions / life or work demands  all have on the health of your mind and body. 

 We offer the following treatments 




Postural Ergonomics


Neuroacoustics with Gongs  


At Integrative Wellness, Jarvia will help you recover from pain and injury and back to health often within a small number of treatments, depending on the severity of the injury.  Firstly, she will hope to diagnose what the problem is. We then discuss examination findings and offer suggestions which are recommended to help get you better, sooner.

If you have pain / injury / dysfunction, our first priority is to reduce your pain and provide you with symptomatic and functional relief, through examination, diagnosis, treatment and advice.

Jarvia is invested in helping you minimise potential future disability or pain with our range of services. You will learn simple yet powerful ways to easily improve your Postural Fitness. You will also learn easy and immediate ways to improve the ergonomic design of your work and personal life. With simple and practical changes, rehab and treatment, Postural Fitness has never been more possible.



Improving the quality of our sleep and posture directly benefits our:

• physical & emotional & mental health

• homeostatic stability  

• successful adaptability to stress

• mobility and disability

• health and illness 

• energy levels

• mood

• memory 

• pain behaviour 

• pain condition or injury recovery

• an increased sense of wellness 



•Injury and Pain Recovery 
•Personalised treatment & care 
•Corrective Posture Solutions and Rehab                         
•Specialist Postural Ergonomic Design




Time To Rest Campaign  -We Prescribe Sleep-


Integrative Wellness public health campaigns work towards supporting a cultural shift forwards,  one away from a crisis management approach, towards a proactive, early intervention & prevention approach.

Our Time To Rest campaign advocates for greater inclusion of effective treatments which help us access deep rest & sleep naturally, and for these interventions to be the first course of action to help improve dysfunctional sleep patterns. At Integrative Wellness, we promote Neuroacoustics as our therapy of choice and look forward to it as a viable intervention in the management of sleep disturbance, for future Mental Health Care, Planning and Policy. 


"We hope to inspire attitudes and policy makers to reconsider the profound and medicinal power of healthy sleep quality & function. We hope to inspire a shift away from a symptom-pharmaceutical model and instead towards improving functional quality, naturally, first. We promote early intervention, treatment, training and education for effectively managing early signs of sleep disturbance. We promote Neuroacoustics as a safe and effective treatment for stress, sleep deficiency & dysfunction.

Our campaign hopes to shine a light on other emerging, safe and natural brain-based treatments like this. We campaign for their role in the future provision of UK Mental Health Care.

We hope to increase the nation's therapeutic options by contributing to how we think about and effectively improve sleep dysfunction, before sleep medication is considered." J Foxter





Integrative Wellness is a health practice in the heart of Clerkenwell and is run by Osteopath and Public Health campaigner, Jarvia Foxter.

Jarvia's 'Integrative Wellness' treatments, services and Public Health campaigns raise awareness about the role of posture & sleep and how fundamentally important their role is in health & illness and pain & recovery.

We shine an Osteopathic lens and perspective on the UK's current health crisis and offer solution lead treatment & intitiatives, designed to reduce pain, disability and illness. We do this through consultations, treatments, posture correction solutions, health screening, rehab & training, events, talks and campaigns.


Jarvia Foxter is a registered member with:

The General Osteopathic Council

The Institute of Osteopathy

The British Medical Acupuncture Society

The American Posture Institute

The Health and Care Professionals Council

The Academy of Physical Medicine  

Rethink Mental Illness




Research and Evidence


 1. Leading neuroscientist Matthew Walker on why sleep deprivation is increasing our risk of cancer, heart attack and Alzheimer’s – and what you can do about it




 2. Sleep disturbances as an evidence-based suicide risk factor   3. Insufficient Sleep and Suicidality in Adolescents

 To the best of our knowledge, the current study is the first to investigate an association between behaviorally induced sleep insufficiency and suicidality among adolescents. Our results show that BISS increases suicidality independently of the self-reported symptoms of depression. In addition, we found that longer weekend oversleep independently predicted higher suicidality.

 The current study is also the first to report heightened suicidality among adolescents with BISS. A large difference in sleep duration between weekdays and weekends (i.e., weekend oversleep). In terms of sleep debt created by self-induced sleep restriction, weekend oversleep could provide more reliable information than habitual sleep duration, which is directly affected by insomnia or natural short sleepers. Accordingly, our findings also suggest that sleep restriction may increase the risk of suicide in adolescents.


4. Sleep disturbances and suicide risk: A review of the literature

 A growing body of research indicates that sleep disturbances are associated with suicidal ideation and behaviors. This article (1) provides a critical review of the extant literature on sleep and suicidality and (2) addresses shared underlying neurobiological factors, biological and social zeitgebers, treatment implications, and future directions for research. Findings indicate that suicidal ideation and behaviors are closely associated with sleep complaints, and in some cases, this association exists above and beyond depression. Underlying neurobiological factors may, in part, account for the relationship between sleep and suicide. Serotonergic neurotransmission appears to play a critical role in both sleep and suicide. Finally, it remains unclear whether or not sleep-oriented interventions may reduce risk for suicidal behaviors. Unlike other suicide risk factors, sleep complaints may be particularly amenable to treatment. As a warning sign, disturbances in sleep may thus be especially useful to research and may serve as an important clinical target for future suicide intervention efforts.


5. Sleep and youth suicidal behavior: a neglected field.

Sleep undergoes substantial changes during adolescence and suicide risk begins to increase during this period as well. This review focuses on recent literature on the relationship between sleep and suicidal behavior and proposes directions for future research.


6. Risks of Chronic Hypnotic Sedation Use

At least 8 other studies have also noted that hypnotic use predicts increased mortality. There is an epidemiologic consensus that hypnotic use is associated with increased risk of death. Chronic hypnotic use is also strongly associated with insomnia, poor function, and poor quality of life. There is considerable evidence that hypnotics may in part cause this increased morbidity, as well as automobile accidents and falls. In contrast, there is no persuasive evidence that long-term use of hypnotics produces any benefit. Available evidence is that the risks of chronic hypnotic use outweigh the benefits.





** We kindly ask all our lovely clients who have active colds and flu to please refrain from booking your place  until you are virus free, meaning until your symptoms have completely  gone. 2018 Flu strains have been particularly aggressive. We are committed to helping keep cross-infections to a minimum this year. We thank you for your ongoing support.**








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