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Jasmine is the Speaker, Trainer & Coach from Shine Out who specialises in helping each woman to empower herself through wellbeing allowing it to lead to her 'welldoing'. Enabling each women to develop the clarity i her mind, confidence in her heart and resilience in her body to achieve what she really desires and deseves = greater success.


Jasmine used her personal experience and professional expertise to create a structured, effective process to support each woman's wellbeing development called the Shine Out Method. With over 12 years experience in training and development and a personal story that caused Jasmine to question her existence, she is well placed to support your journey towards wellbeing..

Jasmine's own journey means she knows what it is to feel uncomfortable in her own skin, to 'wear a mask' concealing much of her light and to be somewhat dysfunctional. She also knows what it is to turn this around and become comfortable and confident in her own skin. To put her wellbeing first, become more effective and let her light her shine. She now enables other women to do the same.

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