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Jen Wagstaff


We are CreativeMind; success-driven fanatics who translate the mindset, techniques and habits of top performers into practical tools to help you stop winging it and start converting more quality clients. 


Why we do what we do:

 Every single day, we see people with amazing products and services that fail to become successful. We see people struggle to communicate with prospective clients, give up at the first objection, stumble through presentations, and back down in negotiations. 


Our mission is to change this. We believe in the potential of everyone. We believe everyone should have the freedom to be successful. We want to help you find new ways to do it. New ways that are right for you.


Our mission is to bring a fresh approach to sales, and to take you to a place far away from the "typical salesperson". To allow you to sell your business, your products, your service and yourself in an inspiring way that connects with the customers and generates results. 


We bring new, creative ideas, from psychology, business, personal development, sport, art, theatre and science and apply these to business using professional, business language, to help people develop both the skillset and the mindset required to succeed.

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