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Jenetta Barry & The Epiphany Process

To a growing list of people she’s inspired, Jenetta Barry is a legend. As an international on-line consultant who is also based in Harley Street London, Jenetta is a corporate trainer and personal-development coach who came to terms with personal tragedy –– the suicide of her 16-year-old daughter. In doing so, she discovered a remarkable source of emotional resiliency –– and a process for imparting it to others.

Jenetta today is sought after internationally as a transformational influence to troubled and suicidal teens, and as the go-to counsellor for people in extreme circumstances – including counselling terrorist-attack survivors.

While Jenetta has been associated with several headline cases, she is equally inspired to share her “mental health toolkit” with organisations and individuals who use them to overcome everyday challenges.

She is also a Corporate trainer in mental health wellness, with over 20 years experience in the field addressing the growing challenge of corporate politics and  brain drain.

She is a published author with her life-defining story featured alongside Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Dr. John Demartini and Dr. Alveda King.

Jenetta is author of "Full-Circle Rainbow" and Handbook "A Handful of Keys for Grief Relief".

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