JFF in partnership with Together Newcastle


Together Newcastle is part of the Together Network, a national network of faith based charities dedicated to working locally with churches, individuals and organisations.

We support local churches, engage communities and get involved in neighbourhoods through practical action, by helping to develop a wide range of projects. We are supported by the Church Urban Fund (CUF) and the Diocese of Newcastle to create faith-based social action in some of the most challenging communities between 'Tyne and Tweed'.

We believe that the local church is at the heart of making a difference, and can contribute to creating a flourishing and thriving neighbourhood life for everyone. At the heart of everything we do is something we call ABCD, or Asset-based Community Development. It’s a way of working that makes the most of the skills and capacities from the local area:

  • Identifying and channelling local skills, gifts and resources
  • Building relationships – it’s what we are good at!
  • Recognising the unique worth of each person

Together we can all make a difference and bring about change for the common good.

Just Finance Foundation

Over the last 10 years, financial distress has become endemic in Britain. This is due to a combination of growing inequality and poverty, a banking sector dominated by large banks that are slow to adapt to contemporary lifestyles, and a long-standing culture of reluctance to talk about and manage money and lack of interventions to raise financial capability.

According to the FinCap (2018), 20.3 million people in the UK don’t feel confident managing their money. A further 11.5 million have less than £100 in savings and nearly nine million people are in serious debt, with only around a third receiving help. This needs to change.


Increase the supply of fair and affordable finance and financial services, particularly for low-income households.

Build people's motivation, expertise and access to fair financial services.

Equip future generations to manage their money wisely.

Develop fair financial systems in local communities.

Collectively through these aims we want to improve the supply of relevant, affordable and responsible credit and financial services; increasing the motivation, ability and confidence of people, particularly those on low incomes, to manage their money and successfully navigate the financial world. Through the insight and understanding we gain from local communities, we want to inform and facilitate change in organisations, policy and regulation.

Our work helps people avoid and find ways out of financial distress by building their financial capability and providing relevant support and signposting to self-help and services. At the same time, we act to influence and reshape both national and local structures and systems to better reflect the needs and interests of low-income households.