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Jiggling Atoms

Jiggling Atoms is an art and physics collaboration celebrating what science has come to describe as "the inconceivable nature of nature". Inspired by Nobel laureate Richard Feynman and his wonderful ability to teach physics to non-scientists, teaching was where this project began - all contributing artists attended lectures at Imperial College London, written especially for the project by Malte Oppermann and Jennifer Crouch, with a final lecture by Dr. Ben Still

Exploring a range of particle-physics topics in depth, the artists developed their own take on the subject creating games, images, sculptures, comics and info-graphics for the Jiggling Atoms exhibition. With such diverse creative input the exhibition will provide a truly unique visual experience. This teaching based initiative is at the core of Jiggling Atoms' unique spirit. 

Our exhibiting artists include: Katie Scott, Ellie Andrews, Sister Arrow, Lotte Beatrix, Rosie Chamberlain, Harriet Cory-Wright, Jennifer Crouch, Rosie Eveleigh, Stephen Fowler, Grace Helmer, Rob Heppell, Jack Hughes, Natalie Kay-Thatcher, Penny Klein, Rachael Matthews, Ella McClean, Charlotte Mei, Peter Nencini, Jimmy Patrick, Bryony Quinn, Peter Rhodes, Lizzie Towndrow, Bea Wilson, Zeel and Adrian Holme. (

Jiggling Atoms was conceived by Natalie Kay-Thatcher and is co-curated and organised by Rosie Eveleigh, Jennifer Crouch, Malte Oppermann and Dr. Ben Still. With support from the Science and Technology Facilities Council and The Institute of Physics, Jiggling Atoms seeks to increase the presence of science in the visual arts, opening a channel of science-oriented communication rarely used in this context or with this intensity.

Open from: 1st – 7th October 2012 at the Rag Factory. Our guests include Super/Collider, Patrick Stevenson Keating, Mark Pilkington, Adrian Holme, John Butterworth and Radmila Topolovic (

First Thursday Private View: Thursday 4th October, 6pm–11pm. Our Private View includes talks, live music and topical drinks.

The Jiggling Atoms weekend events: Saturday 6th October – Sunday 7th October (Sat 10am – 11pm, Sun 10am – 10pm), boasting a fascinating program of activities, including artistic workshops, public lectures and debates, music, games and a Jiggling Atoms ‘Closing Ceremony.’


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