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Joanna Lewins

Joanna is a passionate and gifted Reiki Teacher, Water Therapist & Sound Medicine Woman. She's been teaching in Bali and Europe and is based in Ibiza. She creates safe and sacred spaces wherever she goes; sanctuaries that guide others to open themselves to their own inner healing journeys, bringing them into a deep state of presence and back into their hearts. Joanna has a deep connection to her Spirit Guides and works as a Channel to transmit the messages and the teachings from Source. Her dharma is where she walks. With her big open heart, soft vocals and her light, yet grounded essence, you will surrender into ease in her presence.

“To be under Joanna’s guidance is to be under that of a shining light. Her presence is soft, sweet, nurturing, bold, grounded and authentic, providing a safe and warm environment to be as open and vulnerable as necessary to allow for deep healing and transformation. Her energy is so powerful, this woman is a valuable vessel of spirit and light."

“The thing with Jo is that she never once felt like a "Practitioner" of a skill, you know in your bones that it's more; she is a spiritual healer.”

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