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Joh Johnson

Joh is a Sound Healing Therapist and published author.  Her introduction into the world of Sound Healing came after training and qualifying in other therapies including Cognitive Hypnotherapy, EFT, Theta Healing and Massage.  Joh has been a Reiki Master for more than 20 yrs.  She has trained with Gong master Sheila Whittaker at the College of Sound Healing, and Jen Zygar, Planetary Gongs.   


Joh specialises in Tuning Forks and the Gong and is a member of the College of Sound Healing, and a registered EFT practitioner with the Guild of Energists.  Joh holds regular Gong Meditation sessions at Zen Yoga Studios SE5, and at The Lodge Space SE16



Joh uses mostly the Symphonic Gong as its carries the widest range of tones, frequencies and harmonics to facilitate a healing response.  The tones will vibrate the cells of the body, and pull you back into a greater state of equilibrium.  Any discordant elements in the body are balanced by the Gong.  The experience allows you to become cocooned and wrapped in an envelope of nurturing energy where nothing else exists except the sounds.  In this elevated and meditative state, the mental, emotional and physical body becomes super conducting and super regenerating, and healing can take place more easily.



Joh also works with the less familiar Tuning Pipes which are the same as tuning forks but louder and more resonant for longer.  They play single notes that target and interact more specifically with particular energy spots bringing about major positive shifts in the energetic patterns within and surrounding the human body.  


The frequencies generated can help clear out negative energy blocks quickly and effectively.  The sound is pure and will quickly move you into a space of lightness as it re-attunes, re-aligns you, shifting you into a greater state of harmony.  



  • Kindly arrive on time so as not to disturb the class.
  • The sessions are for ADULTS only
  • Not advisable during pregnancy
  • If you have a pre-existing illness or metal implants (pins,screws, pacemaker etc) please ensure you consult your GP before attending. It can resonate the metal or change the rhythm of the pacemaker.
  • Recent surgery - within the last 6 six weeks.
  • If you have a history of serious psychological/mental disturbance, please consult your GP before attending.
  • Any condition that is sound sensitive can be triggered by sound – tinnitus, Ménière’s disease, epilepsy. Please seek your doctors advice before attending
  • No claims for the curing of any illness is made




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