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John Keedwell

John Keedwell is the author of the book "Get the Message Now?!?" , Cinematographer, Photographer, and Documentary Cameraman with over 30 years experience working in over 65 countries. He has worked on many music videos, documentaries, corporate and commercials, along with film dramas. Experiencing working temperatures between -35C to +50C, and travelling around the world filming with the Royal Navy, major rock bands on tour and much more. He also worked for 9 years recording car crash tests with specialist high speed video cameras.

He also writes articles for the British Cinematographer magazine for the past 11 years. He is also a BAFTA voting member. 

The Epics Academy was formed in 2013 to help many people understand the video making process, and how to achieve professional looking results by using professional techniques.

Cameras, lighting, sound, editing, camera operation and movement, action within the frame - along with camera angle, lenses, lighting angles and framing of the shot all pay the part in making a watchable video. One element wrong can quickly make the viewer become uninterested and turn off. To get your message across you need to hook the viewer and help them to watch to the end of your video. Find out how. 

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