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Judith Rayner - Walk&Talk4Success

Judith is the creator of Walk&Talk4Success, a group masterminding, coaching and mentoring membership -  designed to bring something powerful and dynamic to support and empower women in business to truly flourish and have the business and life balance they desire. She takes a clear and pragmatic approach to business and aims to give women the choice and freedom to do things their own way, with lots of practical support, tools and strategies for success. Add the knowledge, encouragement and accountability from the group, and you can't help but make positive changes and take huge leaps forward. She says, "Success comes in many shapes and sizes and you really have to check out what it means to you as an individual so you are making the most of your time and energy in all areas and not just doing what you think you 'should' be doing. I want every woman who decides they want their own business, to be successful and not have to get a J.O.B if they don't want to."

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