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Julia Kirby, TheFeltSpace


Hi,  I'm glad you're here. 

Here's a bit about me and what makes me love this work:


I was born and grew up in Germany, my parents separated when I was very young. 

By the time I was in my mid-twenties I was on a mission to find out more about myself and the way I related to people.  
I am fascinated by how our upbringing and previous experiences inform so much of our everyday lives, often way under our radar. 


The joy and freedom I see in people when they have one of these moments of connecting the dots, that's what makes me tic.


Originally, I trained as a Physiotherapist. My first deep encounter with family constellations was in 2004, I was pregnant with my second child.  I had given up my job in Germany and our young family had moved to Hampshire, closer to my husband's parents.  I loved being a (stay-at-home) mum and spent my free time (haha... I know...) reading, discussing and learning about emotional development in children.  But I was also struggling with settling in the UK, 'the grass is always greener on the other side' syndrome... Needing to find a place *inside me* for my heart to rest, it turned out.


Anyway I remember taking part in this three day workshop. The beginning of my heart-homing story. Watching the facilitator, the talented Judith Hemming, and thinking to myself: "Ohh, I want to do something like this one day".


In 2012 I started my two year training in Systemic Family Constellations with the CSC in London. I attend regular conferences and receive supervision.


So here I am:  body-based therapist, facilitator, human being. Showing up with my own vulnerability.  Because for me, embracing it works better than building walls.


What will work for you?





I offer a safe and confidential space for you to arrive with everything. 

All is welcome.  

A systemic constellation offers ways of visualising your situation

- and finding a different inner approach to a difficult situation.

These workshops are for you if you're looking to find a different way.  

The next step.

A way to think 'outside the box'.  

And if you're open to a new way of seeing things. 

If you're looking for a handbook-style approach, my work is probably not for you.


Looking forward to meeting you! 





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