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We are a business organisation that brings in essential resources and solutions which significantly improve our partners businesses through relationships centred around INTEGRITY.

Integrus is about inspiring good people to create great business

We do this by bringing together world class thinking and blending it into a movement for people. This movement is spreading globally. For us businesses are people focused; that is where we start. We know that by working with great people we can inspire them to exceed their vision time and time again.

Founded by Peter Sylvester “The Harley Guy” Integrus has grown from a collection of ideas to a truly unique movement of like-minded people. The movement is transformational in its approach to creating better lives for the people who are invited in to be a part of our culture.


Each person is guided through our program of education which we call the Integrus Academy, a program which is constantly evolving as the world evolves. Once people have graduated the Integrus Academy, we group together in monthly Development Circles so that we can cement our learning, learn new things and expand our influence in our lives and in our business.


Each year we hold many events designed to celebrate life and to refocus our personal and business visions. Integrus is based on a strong belief: businessmen or businesswomen all around the world can build their own success. They can achieve it following one of our key themes: “stop selling, start influencing”.

Integrus has been created to encourage business people to improve as people first and then to apply proven techniques that increase their business.

Hence our motto: “GoodPeople, GreatBusiness”.

When you join in the Integrus movement we make sure that every milestone along the way, helps you create another spoke in your wheel on the way to completing your own circle of development

Our dedicated team in the Academy of inspirationalists deliver you a “commitment for life”. You can be sure that our highly-skilled inspirationalists will help you. We promise to make your dreams come true and to make a significant difference within the community around you. You have my word.

PETER SYLVESTER – Founder of Integrus Global

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