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I'm a former financial worker of 10years.  For what I did, I felt the city life was not enough for me to be happy.  It was essentially a high-end admin job covering the world's markets and supporting the trading desks.

Perhaps I could progress and become a trader?  Not for me. The finance industry was something I fell into whilst trying to afford the rent in London but I wanted to fall in love with my career.

After I reached that life-affirming 3-0 I decided to reflect abroad.  Coming home I finally took charge of what I was going to do and finally settled on a career I knew least about - a Japanese Sushi Chef.

Hospitality requires a thick skin and a strong heart.  I am fortunate my friends and family have supported me all the way putting up with my non-existent social calendar and barely there presence.  My sacrifices were almost total - for the craft and my future.

After eight years of grafting, blood loss, the minimum wage and pursuit of becoming greater than "a guy that just cuts fish" I've taken my journey back to where I always wanted to end up.  Home.

Kaishin is for everyone that believes in excellence yet connects home to where their heart is.  Posh nights out in the city have their place.  This is mine. 

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