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Karen Arthur

Menopausal. Funny. Stylish.

Karen Arthur is a 57 years young fashion designer, a sewing tutor and the mother of two grown ass women. She is of Barbadian descent.

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Karen was a full time teacher for 28 years. A pastoral leader for 15 of those. She been sewing for over 40 years and now creates beautiful clothing for women who appreciate hand crafted care and slow fashion . Karen teaches people of all ages to fall in love with their sewing machines and runs workshops students about sewing, textiles and fashion.

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Karen says "I believe passionately in the power of clothing and accessories to enhance your mood and uplift you spirits. Be it colour, fabric or a memory, whatever we adorn ourselves with when we do so we can decide to stand up, stand out and feel wonderful. I want to reach out to women with a love of style who are fed up of being made to feel 'eccentric' simply for wearing their truth. I am an abuse survivor and a positive mental health advocate. I kicked Anxiety and Depression to the curb a few years ago. I still spar with my mood on a daily basis. I make conscious clothing choices to help me stay mentally upbeat. I wrote an e-book called '8 Ways to Wear Your Happy'. I am fully committed to designing the rest of my life the way I want to live. I only wear what I love".

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Karen runs a monthly craft social - Tuesday Thrills - for crafty people who need a break and a laugh. She is also 1/3 of @Craftmoves committed to ending loneliness in London through craft.

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She has recently had two articles written about her work in @actualsizemagazine and @lewishamledger  and was featured on the cover of the latter and @goldie_magazine , a new glossy celebrating the over 40s, at the end of last year. A subsequent article about craft, aging and loneliness was published in their January issue.
Karen speaks publicly on Wear your happy, style, ageing and loneliness.

This group is primarily (but NOT exclusively) for:

- women who love feeling dressed up but not trussed up.

 -women who are nearing, experiencing or leaving menopause and feel sidelined by society.

 - women who have no intention of becoming invisible.

 - women with an interest or passion for style and fashion but refuse to stick with 'The Rules' (whatever they may be!).

 - women who have or are experiencing a dip in their mental wellbeing and need a boost or some supportive encouragement.

I aim to enable women to celebrate how remarkable we are. I encourage all to come along  to my events wearing your HAPPY!


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