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Karen Cudby & Barry Cridland

Barry is skilled hypnotherapist, coach & mentor who has a passion for helping others to discover their ideal self. However, that wasn’t always the case. Like many of us he lived life day to day, following a set routine, doing a job that wasn’t ideal, simply to pay the bills. This went on for many years until he realised how frustrated and annoyed at himself he had become, for putting up with something less than he deserved. He understood that he wasn’t being true to himself and something was stopping him from reaching his real potential. This was crisis point, unhappy and restless he began to discover something that had remained hidden in him for all this time…confidence! From then on Barry took control of his life and began to push his boundaries. He read self-help books, attended courses and embarked on a different career gaining more confidence with each step he took. Barry discovered a love of learning, a love of self and a love of empowering others, and that’s why he is here today, full of confidence, ready for challenges enjoying his journey through life. His passion for helping others create clear goals, build motivation and increase self-belief becomes obvious the very first time you meet him. A public speaker, he is known for his enthusiastic, inspirational talks which are fun, informative and interactive, engaging his audience in how to use the mind in becoming the Ideal You.


In autumn 1999 Karen was 24 years old and was depressed, disillusioned and very disappointed with how her life was turning out. After graduating from university in she spent several years in unfulfilling roles trying to ‘find herself’.  She had failed to do so!  Luckily for her, someone introduced her to Personal Development and that turning point led her to take control of her life, take full responsibility for the results that she was getting from it and led her to a point where she developed a passion for sharing the information she  had learned, to empower other people to create the same sense or purpose, clarity and confidence in their own lives.


Her journey involved transforming from fun runner to international athlete in the space of 3 years, speaking about her experiences in schools, colleges and business conventions and using what she had learned to overcome one of the biggest challenges she had to face when her leg was broken in aracing accident.   


After retiring from athletics in 2012, she knew she wanted to use what she had learned to empower other people to create changes in their own lives and found the perfect opportunity to do so delivering programmes for thePrince's Trust.   

She passionately believe that EVERY person should have the opportunity to take a shot at fulfilling their potential.  If you are experiencing the same feelings of frustration, anxiety and disappointment that she was in her early twenties, then the Ideal You Workshop has been designed with you in mind.  Karen wants You to know that You have the choice to create your own future.  She wants You to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to empower You to become the person you want to be. Together with Barry, Karen created the The Ideal You Workshop just for You, to help You do just that.

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