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Kate Burn

Over the past decade I have held a very successful career as an HR Director for two US Corporations and have sat as the only female on the senior leadership board.  It wasn’t always easy and I faced many challenges, some of those imposed by myself trying to be perfect in every aspect professionally and as a mother and wife. 

During my journey as an HR Director, I have also seen how the self-limiting beliefs of other women have affected both their careers and their personal lives.   I have had women on our top talent program, tell themselves that they need more time before stepping up, not having the confidence in their own talents.

Five years ago I met Lynnette Allen creator of Her Invitation, it was at this time that I began to realise the things I did that had made me successful and the things that were in many ways still holding me back.  It was around this time that I really became passionate about empowering other women in my organisation to lead the life’s they wanted, to achieve the promotions that I knew that they could achieve.

Her Invitation has now provided me with a platform to get out and empower more women in more organisations become the best they can be, by tackling those self-limiting thoughts head on.

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