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Kate Guest Coaching -Training - Hypnotherapy

Kates mission is to get people moving forward in life. From feeling stuck to gaining clarity about what they want and then finding the way to get there.

Kate has worked with clients to overcome a number of issues such as :

  • anxiety
  • poor confidence and low self-esteem, 
  • fears and phobias,
  • low energy and concentration
  • anger management
  • bullying at school and in the workplace
  • stop smoking and lose weight
  • Bed wetting

Kate has a number of skills to help you get the results you want

These include:

  • Coaching techniques
  • Nuero Linguistic Programming Coaching
  • D.I.S.C. Personality Profiling
  • Hand Writing Analysis
  • Hypnosis.

Kate's clients love her work and give her great reviews: 

"Kate Guest is a fantastic motivational coach and I have benefited greatly from her expertise and passion for her work. I can highly recommend finding out more for yourself."

“Kate has helped me to gain clarity, vision and set a number of new goals in my life using a number of NLP techniques. She is a natural hypnotherapist and knows a 'bucket-full' of techniques to get the outcomes you want. I would thoroughly recommend her.”

Kate's clients love her work and give her great reviews.

Kate's Background - Kate was a nurse for 35 years, 28 of those as a Practice Nurse in Primary Care. In 2012 she began her training as an NLP Practitioner, Hypnotist and Coach.

Now as a Certified Self Development Life Coach, Family Coach Kate and Clinical Hypnotherapist Kate draws upon her own family experiences and traumas and her 35-year career as a nurse to guide families and individuals to have better communication, better understanding and get better results.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is vital for success and Kate has cornered the market on supporting family members through challenging times to help with this. Problems at home can impact work life and vice versa.

Kate also incorporates the ‘SleepTalk’ programme for children in the family work that she does and is the only registered consultant for this proven programme in Devon.

How can working with Kate help you? As Einstein famously said, “`Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results”. Do you do keep repeating the same behaviour and wanting a different result? Working with Kate can get you those different results, get things moving forward and get you and your family on the right track.

How to get in touch with Kate. By phone 01626 833306 - 07790 303 806, by email

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