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Kelly Rose

Kelly is a mindfulness and meditation facilitator and Lucid Living: Lucid Dreaming practitioner.  She is author of the book "Dream Coding: The Ultimate Guide to Hyper-Reality".  She has worked on a one-to-one basis for 5 years, and is now moving towards bigger groups as demand is growing.  She is completely self taught in the area of lucid dreaming, and has been practicing mindfulness and meditation for 5 years.  She has studied Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.  She has studied the mainstream and esotoric aspects of these religions.  She trained as a Waldorf Steiner teacher in 2015, and is currently studying Sanskrit at the Chinmaya Mission.  She frequently retreats to Chithurst Theravaden buddhist monastery, and made pilgrimage to the Himilayas in 2016.  

She is greatly interested in the areas of spirituality, consciousness and planetary evolution.  She identifies with no particular religion but has a deep respect for all that do.  Her primary mission is to enable human beings to be their own guides in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journeys.  She has lived in London her whole life and understands the importance of grounding a new kind of consciousness into an urban environment- where it is needed the most.  

Born in 1991, Kelly has the ability to anchor ancient wisdom in modern day, contemporary culture.  She remains grounded in the present times whilst accessing transcendental wisdom, and is deemed a "millenial".  It is for this reason that you can expect phenomenal truth delivered in relateable modern language.  Kelly studied Art History at Goldsmiths University, and believes in a non-hierarchal society; therefore she sees no need for terms such as teacher and student, and feels these terms to be massively outdated and archaic.  She believes in a modern approach to self-realisation, and works as a collaborator rather than "teacher".  

Kelly has nothing to give you, but acts as an extension of your own consciousness in order to mirror back to you your true nature, which is always already there. 

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