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Due to the growth of the internet, the internet of things, digital devices and cloud services valuable intellectual property, or IP (video, audio, text) is being created, stored and distributed as never before. However the security and safety of this data has been largely ignored despite its value. Cyber attack and digital piracy occur with high frequency.

Increased regulation (such as the GDPR coming into force in 19 months) means companies can face fines of up to 4% of turnover and Directors can face criminal liability for ignoring this issue. If you are hacked or let down by your cloud suppliers or employees the liability rests with you. We can help you to clarify and mitigate the risks using our unique Digital Audit process. This is tailored to specific client requirments depending on the type of intellectual property involved and company size. When issues emerge we will fix them.

Our expert team have recognised IP and IT qualifications, adhere to the IASME information security standard and are members of the CERT-UK cyber security information sharing partnership, established by the UK Government. We work closely with the City Of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit. We also carry cyber liability insurance.

We have been trusted to deliver projects to The Wimbledon Championships, Commonwealth Games 2014, Star India, Racing UK, BoxNation, BT Sport and others in the financial, pharmaceutical and recruitment sectors. We are pleased to work in commercial partnership with BT Media and Broadcast and Compact Media Group.

If your content or IP is being published without approval we have proven long term success rates of over 80% removing it from platforms such as YouTube, Google and Bing.

To continue to deliver cutting edge cyber protection technology and services we work closely with the University of Abertay School of Computer Science.

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