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Kofi Arts

At KofiArts we aim to make art and the history and culture behind it, more accessible to a diverse audience through exhibitions, walks, talks, artist's mentoring, workshops, activities and events.  Join us on our journey of cultural, historical and artistic exploration.

Alvin Kofi is the driving force behind KofiArts.  He established a career in the UK art world as a fine artist in the 1990's, and lead the way in his field by producing The Humble range - the first UK distributed black print collection in 1998.  His work has been exhibited internationally in the USA, Europe and the Caribbean. As a fine artist he plays with the human form using a rhythmic bold stylized language that gives his work a distinct and unique contemporary expression. 

To learn more and view a select of Alvin Kofi's work visit  KofiArts also offers a wide range of quality prints, limited editions, selected originals, general art and design services. 

The Art of Love Exhibitions, Art Talks and Art Walks explore the rich legacy that African artists have left and continue to contribute to the world. In this series of events Alvin Kofi covers Ancient Art, West African Art and the Renaissance period. He will regularly be joined by artists and experts from a range of fields to present a unique look into these cultures, events and often misunderstood periods of our history.

The Black Centred Drawing Programme has been designed by Alvin Kofi to inspire individuals to develop and explore their drawing skills.  The studio workshops and correspondence courses provide support and guidance to help individuals with their drawing practise.  Created from Alvin Kofi's unique perspective and examination of Art and African history. 

Other services offered by Kofi Arts

  • Talks, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and events.
  • Art & Design Consultancy.  Business and private commissions are regularly underaken including logo and brand development, murals and potraits, illustration and design.  
  • 1 to 1 artist's mentoring. Sessions are booked and charged on an hourly basis. 


Please contact us to discuss fees and rates.


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