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Krystyna Gadd of How to Accelerate Learning

The Learning Loop game took me 25+ years to develop..... but only an afternoon to design. The game has been described using the following words:"Fun", "Exciting", "Inspiring", "Motivational", "Engaging", "Practical"and "Packed full of ideas".

In years gone by people have described my workshops as "
Creative", "Engaging", "Informative" and "Practical".

You may be forgiven in thinking it is all about the buzz and maybe there is nothing solid behind it.....however you would be mistaken....

As a former engineer, I have often thought that my approach to learning and development has had a strong structure behind it. I have always had a deep sense of "Beginning with the end in mind". No self-respecting engineer would ever embark on any project without a very clear picture of the outcomes.....and the same goes for my Learning Loop approach.

So in case the words "Fluffy", "Fun" (if "fun" is a bad word for training in your mind!) or "Superficial" come to mind, let me share with you, what lies beneath the "Learning Loop Game", a brand new way to do "Train-the-Trainer". 

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