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Lancashire Time Credits

Time Credits are a way of enabling local people to make a difference in their communities and local public services. The scheme in Lancashire was launched in Chorley in 2012 and is now expanding across the county. There are numerous other areas of the UK where you can earn and spend Time Credits.

Time credits are a way of thanking people for the time that they give to their local community. If a person gives 1 hour of time to a community organisation, they earn 1 time credit that can be spent on a range of activities in the local area for example, an adult learning course, at a leisure centre, a physiotherapy session or a show at the local theatre.

As well as recognising the value of individual contribution, Time Credits strengthens and builds communities by engaging those who may not normally get very involved in their local area. The scheme encourages people to be involved in different ways and it helps to build local networks, by linking community groups, organisations and individuals.

Time credits are similar to bank notes but have no monetary value. They have a standard back in all locality areas with the front localised. For example, in Chorley, there is a picture of Astley Hall on the front of the note. The notes are designed and printed to make imitation or fraud extremely difficult.

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