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Leaders for Leeds

Leaders for... is a growing network that connects leaders from all spheres of life who are committed to making a positive difference to their communities.


To secure the best outcomes we can for our communities together, through connected and effective leaders across all sectors.

How it works

The Leaders for... network is being developed by everyone that participates in it: those who can give something as well as those who may gain something. It’s a place where you can experiment as a partnership or project group and provide opportunities for capitalising on our individual leadership efforts.

As a thriving network, it’s a resource for individuals and groups who want to work with others to stretch beyond what’s already been done; share best practice and make effective change happen together.


  1. To support leaders to deliver the best outcomes 
  2. To develop a civic enterprise approach 
  3. To co-develop new forms of leadership development 

Our Focus

Leaders for.... works to support committed leaders with a shared purpose to develop their relationships, better connect their networks, communities and organisations, accelerate progress, and make a positive difference.

The principles of leadership that underpin Leaders for Leeds.

  1. Leaders know that assets can be found – you have to look with your eyes open
  2. Leaders connect – they seek and find others to enable them to ‘open doors’ to make a difference, they know you can only do it together.
  3. Leaders learn – they don’t fear failure, it’s part of being successful.
  4. Leaders look for assets not deficits – they support not disable.
  5. Leaders take action – they implement ideas into tangible results
  6. Leaders pay it forward – they have the attitude of ‘growing the pie’ 

What does a leader look like?

We think that everyone can be a leader. You may be in a formal leadership role, or doing great work to get things done during tough times, or doing inspirational things whilst trying to avoid the label of ‘leader’. What is different about Leaders for Leeds is that we are keen to promote particular leadership qualities which will encourage more and more people in the city to become leaders. We believe that individuals need to be confident in their ability to make things better in their local area, from whatever sector or walk of life: we all have a contribution to make and a responsibility to do so.

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