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Lee-Ann Johnstone

I'm an Award Winning Affiliate Marketer and Digital Business Mentor.
I help affiliate marketers grow their affiliate programs using proven frameworks and strategies I've designed that give real measurable results and increased sales. 
I have a vision to help digital marketers learn how to use affiliate marketing to help their businesses - grow. 
Affiliate Marketing Consultancy
I offer a customers intensive strategy and planning helping brands to launch, scale and grow an affiliate program that delivers month on month revenue.

I cover everything from program audits to launch strategies, outsourced affiliate program management support and assist with creating clear marketing plans that drive revenue growth. My intensive live and virtual strategy days can help you get the insight you need to compete at a higher level and turn your program into a profit making machine for your business.
Workshops | Training | MasterMinds
My private affiliate and affiliate manager masterminds, virtual and live training workshops offer proven strategy delivered by intensive practical learning and supportive implementation to help you deliver real results. Together I’ll help you create a clear execution plan to get your affiliate program delivering month on month sales. I'll help you understand the expertise that sits behind running a successful affiliate marketing program and help you learn affiliate and digital marketing tactics that will increase your online revenue - with ease.
Live Learning & Digital Marketing Events 
My affiliate marketing workshops and events help you elevate your skills , expand your network and learn with a variety of digital marketing experts. Learn practical skills to help your business grow at  these live elevation summits which take place throughout the year and help affiliates and digital marketers grow their business through inspired, collaborative, expert led learning.
A bit more about me... 
I’m a straight talking, open and honest digital and affiliate marketing consultant. Some courses or events will only tell you the textbook ways to grow your business with affiliate marketing. They don’t explain the practical implementation or a strategy that sits behind what you have to do and why you should be doing it. This wastes your time and often you are still left wondering how to develop it further.  
I am not like that. 
My no BS approach is based on practical experience which I've gained growing million dollar international programs and I have a passion to help others see the value Affiliate Marketing brings. I work alongside digital marketers, SME’s and start up entrepreneurs to help them focus, develop clear acquisition strategies and implement proven tactics that meet their growth ambitions. 
The end result is teaching how to attract, engage and convert more clients using affiliate partnerships. 

I’m also a little unconventional.

I teach with passion and show you how to do the work to get results. My team are passionate about affiliate marketing, just like you and we are proud of how we help you to deliver results. I'm also experienced in working across a wide range of online industries so I know what works and what doesn't. I’ve worked with big retail businesses, financial services, iGaming and new ambitious start-ups, niche service providers, progressive tech scale-ups and blue chip corporates helping them build successful affiliate marketing programs that increase sales. 


Whether the budget is small or seven figures, my approach is the same; I create strategies that help you to scale up and grow.  
Who do I really want to help?  


  • I help people who usually have burned through a ton of money and got no real results from their affiliate marketing program. If it's not working for you - you aren’t doing it right. Affiliate marketing works for ANY business no matter the size or budget. I want to show you how.


  • I help people who usually have burned through a ton of money and got no real results from their affiliate marketing program. If it's not working for you - you aren’t doing it right. Affiliate marketing works for ANY business no matter the size or budget. I want to show you how. 


  • I help digital marketers get back on track delivering month on month growth using affiliate partners to meet sales targets. I help you to understand how to drive incremental growth to your business.


  • I meet with people who are eager to get more for their business but have reached a point of total frustration with the entire affiliate process or lack the skills to understand where and how to grow their programs to meet targets.


  • I work with marketers who know the process can be simpler and more cost effective, but they lack the clarity or strategy plan to take action and make affiliate marketing successful in their business.


Growing an affiliate program is hard, it takes time, skill and dedication - some days you take two steps forward and sometimes you take one step back. I can help you push forward with a strategy that works specifically for your business.
The key is to keep progressing and advancing with a clear strategic marketing plan.


I’ll bring my experience to you and help you to strengthen your affiliate program and marketing position, raise your profile as an experienced affiliate manager and help you win new business.

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