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Liikan Jitsu Club ry

We are a group of friendly and open minded people from a wide spectrum of ages and cultural backgrounds, who train together in a spirit of mutual friendship, support and co-operation to develop our skills and ability to avoid, prevent and mange conflicts, but if and when necessary, defend ourselves, our families and friends. The root of our training approach is 'Peace and compassion through strength and understanding'.

What we practice is not a sport, even though friendly competition is an essential part of the training process, nor is it about gratuitous violence and aggression. It is about having fun and keeping fit  and healthy in the process of self-defence training


Spensort SETS

Liikan JItsu Club is also member of the Personal Security Network and associated with Spensort Security Education & Training Services (SETS).

Our aim is to become a leading provider of integrated and innovative educational programmes, training, development, management and consultancy services not just for self-defense training, but for web-based training and eLearning and In-class blended learning for security related subjects ranging from grass roots self-defense and personal protection to professional security and risk management.

To this end we have a wide range of education, skills and work experience. For example:

Teaching and Training

The chief instructor is a qualified higher education vocational teacher (Hämeenlinnan ammattikorkeakoulu) with experience as an English teacher and in higher education having developed and implemented 'blended learning' courses as disparate as Business Continuity Planning (Risk Management) and 'Border Control, Services and New Technologies'. This is supplemented by over 25 years as a self-defence and martial arts instructor.

Security, Business and Risk Management

Security qualifications include anM.Sc. in Security and Risk Management (University of Leicester), a B.A. honours degree in Business Studies with Financial Modelling and certification as a certified protection officer (C.P.O.) with the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO). The training is complimented by both qualifications and practical work experience in Finland as a security supervisor (järjestyksenvalvoja / portsari  in Finnish) and guard (vartija / vahtimestari in Finnish) in the retail sector. He has also been training in the martial arts since 1983 with more than 25 years teaching experience having founded and taught three clubs since 1987. This includes the establishment of his own personal security, conflict intervention and management school and the development of theAssault Awareness and Risk Management (A.A.R.M.) courses designed for the general public.

Cross-disciplinary skills and expertise

Teaching, security management and criminology are by definition, multi-disciplinary studies. This broad work experience and extensive education and training provide a useful cross-fertilization of skills and knowledge with many insights that cannot be gained from expertise in any one discipline alone.

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