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I am a healer, teacher, presenter and therapist.

I use a variety of touch and talk therapies to help my clients get happy and healthy.

The subconscious mind holds outdated information that has to be released and changed in order for us to move on. Everything I teach allows every cell in your body to relax, release and heal.

The Sedona Method, EFT, The Healing codes, The Emotion Codes, Access Consciousness, Reiki, Angel Healing, Vibrational Healing, Nutritional healing, Affirmations are all among the huge variety of modalities I have studied and incorporate into my work.

My 2 hour seminars teach you 5 ways to solve all problems, making life more fun, reconnecting with your sense of humour and moving into the flow where healing takes place naturally.

I also run Immersion Retreats where my clients get Immersed in ancient and cutting edge healing modalities, reconnecting with Nature, the Planet and others including ourcellves for healing and happiness. Immerse your cells in light and love and you will heal.

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