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Lindsey Dyde

 I believe we all have a power and it is for us to Stand in our power and live our truest potential. Life is full of ups and downs, it is about finding a balance and when we learn to stand in our power, we take back control of our Job. Which is our thoughts, actions, mindset and plans. Anything outside of our control is the universe. 

I learnt to take back my power after suffering with stress, I lost a lot of weight, suffered with headaches, vomiting and insomnia. My thoughts were focused on being unwell, on feeling hurt by people and my life was like a miserable cycle. I had always been quite laidback with life, not taking things so serious and going with the flow. I was very open spiritually from a young age. I am an empath, a medium and pyschic and I can feel people's energy easily, I used to suffer with anxiety as I hadn't explored that part of me. And began to loose myself, not realising I had let life stresses get the better of me and I was in what they call the 'Victim' mode. I felt trapped and I forgot I had control of my life, I felt everything was happening to me and not because of me. After spending months researching health benefits mentally and psychically. I came across 'The Laws of the Universe' and  'The Secret'. This began my Spiritual journey and I found my calling, I just didn't know it at the time. I felt so drawn to the laws of the universe, especialy 'The Law of Attraction', I woke up one day and changed. I created a daily manifesting routine focused on being healthy, positive thinking and meditating. After 1 week I felt a big improvement, after 2 weeks I genuinely was surprised at how good I felt and by 7 weeks I was a completely different person. After this I made my first vision board 2 years on alot has become a reality for me and it has lead me to create these workshops. 

I want to tell my story and share all the knowledge and information that led me to the manifesting methods we will be exploring in the workshops. These simple manifesting tools have worked for me, my clients, friends and family. I guarantee you will leave this workshop with an extra spring in your step, full of wisdom and confidence to take action and change your life to suit you. Fully equipped with a magical manifesting gift bag full of goodies to help you along your journey. The Team and I @freeflowliving look forward to meeting you and taking you on this magical discovery of the best you yet. 

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