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Liu (Lil) Yang

What business are you in

I am an author, a parenting expert. 

What business are you really in?

I help parents and children overcome behaviour issues and create a harmonious life together.


My name is Liu (Lil) Yang

I am a UK trained health visitor


and Robbins-Madanes trained strategic intervention life coach 


Now I am so excited to say that

I am an author!


I want to share with you

My knowledge and expertise gained over the past 20 years

by showing you some of the strategies 

and simple tools

That you can apply in your daily life as a parent

so that your early parenting years can be as plain sailing as possible and as rewarding as they can be.


I shall help you identify the road blockers 

in managing the daily hurdles 

and show you a step by step guide

To create some lasting changes in your life

See the transformation in yourself

As well as creating the desirable behaviour in your children.


If you have tried everything 

and haven’t got the result you want yet

You are in the right place

Let’s take the first step together right now. 


Come and say hello at the Book Launch Event

Or email

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