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Live More Offline

Live More Offline provides workshops and courses to raise awareness of the impact of digital technology in our lives and to help people to achieve the right tech-life balance for them.

In this digital era, we are more connected than ever. Technology provides many benefits but we now find ourselves faced with a huge amount of information, work no longer stops when we leave the office and we are constantly contactable. With technology ever more designed to capture and keep our attention, we can find ourselves being drawn more to this technology and the downsides of technology starting to outweigh the positives.

As technology becomes more integrated into our lives, it becomes important to think about what boundaries are right for us and the role we want technology to play in our personal space.

Live More Offline combines the latest research on the impact to our wellbeing of digital technology with a grounding in mindfulness principles to create a program of workshops and courses which help to create meaningful change in our relationship to technology.

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