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Lobe Medical and Clinical Education

Clinical Education is a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation that brings a range of educational experiences to healthcare professionals. We also have a hard earned reputation as an independent deliverer of expert led Nutritional Education.

National UK seminars and webinars are presented using UK practitioners with expertise in areas of health management and where possible a solid familiarity with research and its clinical translation. These are more focussed on the developing ideas/strategies in clinical practice and have a mix of case histories and science. These attract CPD credits from the British Association of Applied Nutritional Therapy (BANT), Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and other accrediting bodies.


The latest and most relevant information from the world of nutritional medicine, news, abstracts and reviews are added on an ongoing basis in our resources section providing you with up to date opinion and research from leading scientists around the world.

Focusing on our biological systems rather than symptoms, our PRESCRIBING LIFESTYLE MEDICINE course, in partnership with Clinical Education, offers NHS GPs and interested clinicians from other specialties, a new set of tools which will increase job satisfaction, reduce prescribing costs and be implementable straight away for attendees.

For years we have tried to find a course that “puts it all together” – not just the science behind lifestyle medicine but more importantly how to apply it with clinical confidence and precision beyond basic dietary and exercise advice.  It is also relevant to clinicians themselves.  We are concerned about the current landscape of healthcare not only for patients, but also the wellbeing of doctors which is important to us.

Our courses are run in conjunction with carefully selected partners who work with us to offer the best course we can deliver, resulting in improved outcomes for patients and increased clinical satisfaction.



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