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London Spiritual Events & Socials

We hold regular Feel Good well-being workshops which include Healing Gong and Sound Meditation, Laughter Yoga and more. All fabulous stress busters and some of our events are really geared towards connection with others. Watch this space for new events with the feel good factor.


Love Peace and Blessings XXX 


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A little about me. - Odette Kurland ( Group Founder ) 


I guess I would describe myself as earthy, a freespirit, lover of life, animals, wildlife, community and nature. Gong Master, Laughter Yoga Leader, Shamanic Practitioner, Event Organiser, Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher & Laughter Yogi. I specialise in working with holistic stress busting tools.


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Odette is also the Founder of


London Gong Baths and Laughter Yoga Wellness London


Please contact me if you wish to book a private health and wellbeing workshop for your group - laughter yoga workshop or gong bath meditation.

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