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Losing Control

Losing Control is a peer-led network of over 400 individuals from across sectors who want to share power more equally and in ways that are collaborative and participatory, as a way of unleashing social change.


We are driven and guided  by core principles: 


Honest Conversations: We encourage honesty, humility, and vulnerability so that stories are shared openly “warts and all” to  get into challenges and unanswered questions, not just good news stories 


Practical Insights: We commit to ensuring what you get are practical tools, insight and connections that you can apply in the real world – and from people who have actually been there and done it, not just talking about it.


Inclusive Network: We commit to inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility across the network and work hard to include people from all sectors, experiences and backgrounds.


Powered by Us: We commit to sharing power and responsibility: Losing Control is peer-led and shaped by its members. 



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