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Louisa Whitney

I'm a family mediator.  I was previously a solicitor specialising in family law but in 2012 I qualified as a family mediator and found that I loved this work far more.  It felt like I was helping couples who were separating to do something constructive that would have a positive impact on their future rather than just putting out fires everywhere. I enjoyed this work so much that in 2013 I left my job as a solicitor and set up my own family mediation practise.  I now work solely as a family mediator, and trainer helping others to understand how to help couples to have a constructive separation.

I love sharing my passion for my work and I am also a Professional Practising Consultant which means I mentor and supervise other family mediators.

I train other professionals who work with couples who separate to help them assist couples in achieving the best possible outcomes for them and their children following a separation.  To find out details about the free resources I offer and to get details of the training events I run sign up to my mailing list