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Louise Bowditch

Louise Bowditch | The M Word | Fan Fatale | Menopause & Mocktails

Menopause Mentor and Mid-life Coach


Louise Bowditch is a Menopause Mentor and founder of The M Word and creator of Fan Fatale and Menopause and Mocktails. Along with her coaching services, Louise is a dynamic, playful and open-hearted speaker, who helps women improve their mid-life mindset and fix their menopausal muddle.


Not only does Louise want to revolutionise women’s experience of the menopause by actively supporting them via coaching, she also wants to transform the fundamental way in which society views the menopause by encouraging the women who go through it to make it work for them, not against them.


Passionate about the power of sisterhood, Louise has embraced her own mid-life transition and is hoping to inspire other women to do the same. She feels that we need to own our ‘too hot to handle’ selves before we can expect anyone else to! 

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