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Louise Hoffmann Brooks - Area Facilitator Parenting Success Coaching, Walton and Weybridge area

I’m Louise, mother of two children, and parent coach with ParentingSuccess. Originally from Denmark, I have spent most of my adult life abroad and have a created bilingual family of my own. Besides my qualifications as a life and business coach I hold a degree in Psychology and have specialised as a family advisor. 

As a working mother I fully appreciate the joys and challenges of parenthood. I know that jugggling the demands of a career and busy family life can get in the way of all the best of intentions we had when we first became parents. It can feel difficult to change habits and unwanted family dynamics without the inspiration and help from something outside of ourselves. ParentingSuccess offers just that; a time out for you to reconnect with what you wish for for your family and a yourself as a parent.

With ParentingSuccess you will be exposed to alternatives to time out, threats of 1.2.3 -or else... and exhausting power struggles. While it can feel tempting to get our kids to cooperate  using these tactics in their toddler years, this rarely works when our little ones become teens with a will of their own and courage to defy us. Besides - it strains the connection with share and lessens the natural respect that ought to exist between parent and child. 

Our workshop topics address a wide range of topics that are relevant for parents of toddles and tweens and teens alike. All of our workshops will introduce you to practical and positive and effective strategies that can make an enormous difference to your family life. For those that wish for more bespoke support we offer one2one parent coaching sessions - allowing you to set positive goals, create change and become the parent you would like to be - with me assisting you and identifying ways to overcome what may be standing in the way.  


Whichever way feels right for you - we are here to help you make sense of it all - so you can feel confident in your role as a mum or dad and  enjoy your unique family. 

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