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Learn how to make Wine, Beer, Spirits & Liqueurs at home with Love Brewing.

We at Love Brewing are running courses throughout the year on basic Wine Beer and Liqueur/Spirit Making. We have been asked by many of our customers over the years to do this but we have been limited with space in our retail outlets. This has now been solved with the opening of our new luxury Showroom in Liverpool. We are glad to say its the biggest store of its kind in the UK and the courses are just a follow on to our commitment, which is to provide the highest level of customer service that we think you deserve.


Each course will run for about 90 minutes; this will be restricted to no more than 15 people and will provide a great insight into making your own alcohol. Richard the owner and the most respected figure in the industry will be personally supervising all the sessions.

You will get the chance to try different wines, beers, liqueurs and spirits so you can judge for yourself the quality of the products which are now on sale. Wow have these changed in the last 10 years? But that's modern technology! Hasn't everything changed (and a lot not for the better!).

Subjects covered

  • Equipment needed and likely cost
  • Type of wines available and cost
  • Fermentation techniques
  • Temperature and sterility
  • Bottling and Storage
  • Brief look at other products available

When the course is finished

When the course is finished you will be able to browse around the Showroom and buy anything you might want (there are no salesmen working here so please absolutely no pressure to buy) and mix with the other people who have attended and enjoy a glass of wine or beer.

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