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MAB Youth

MAB Youth is the youth department for MAB (The Muslim Association of Britain) and especially focuses on people from the ages of 16 and beyond.

MAB Youth is a department within MAB concerned with the development of youth with the objective of furthering Islam in the UK.

We focus on spiritual development such that individuals rely completely on Allah and strengthen that relationship with Allah, being motivated by nothing greater than the pleasure of Allah.

We also focus on a minimum skill base of leadership and organisation such that individuals are able to plan and carry out complex tasks of dawah and training to further the cause of Islam in Europe as a whole and the UK specifically.

We aim to clarify the principles of interaction between Muslims and the principles of citizenship that are at the very heart of Islam as well as nurture a deep love towards contributing to European civilisation.

Our aim is to provide a real, useful and valid skill base for everyone that works with us and to serve the community further.

Our activities include Scouting, Talks, Camps, Webinars, Seminars, Podcasting and Lobbying to name a few.

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