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MacrAmys' Macrame

I am a one-girl-band whose mission is to create beautiful items that look gorgeous in any home or garden, using plant based materials and being friendly to the environment, which is something I am very passionate about. However, it goes a lot deeper than just making something aesthetically pleasing….

Whilst growing up in the Hampshire countryside I became fascinated by nature and the incredible versatility of natural materials. I gained inspiration from my dad, who has been a landscape gardener for many years, along with my grandparents; my grandad was a skilled carpenter and my grandmother could turn her hand to anything using fabric and yarns. My grandmother taught me to crochet at a young age which eventually lead on to teaching myself macramé. My knowledgeable and skilful family inspired and taught me to be creative, practical, resourceful, respectful of people and our environment, aware of myself, never stop learning and aspiring to be the best person I can be. They also encouraged me to have a high quality of workmanship, an eye for detail and fully appreciate my natural surroundings and how to use it yet preserve it. Throughout my life I have faced challenges that took a lot of exploration, learning about myself and healing. Macramé is something I have been doing as a hobby for several years until I started to recognise the therapeutic qualities which helped me cope with a sometimes stressful job and the complexity of emotions I have experienced within me. I realised the repetitive knot work and problem solving, when figuring out how to make something, took my mind off the fast paced world and the general stresses in life. Macramé turned into a need. Not only is it hugely satisfying to make beautiful items but it’s a wonderful feeling to be present in the moment, me and the tactile materials, with their natural colours, that have come from the ground. I now feed my creativity, use plant based materials, continue developing my practical skills, improve my wellness and I share my skills and experiences, enable others to recognise the benefits of being creative and inspire others to do what makes you happy.

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